I aspire to make art that
                unveils beauty,
                                and exposes depravity. 
About me. 

Everything changed February of 2017. I was hired as a Youth Producer at Wide Angle Youth Media, a non-profit that hires Baltimore youth to gain film expertise and skill through working for actual companies such as Kaiser Permanente, CSX, Outward Bound, etc. This amazing opportunity was so rare for me as I had no film experience starting out. I first found out about Wide Angle when I had seen a casting call they posted in my school, Baltimore School for the Arts, for a national project they were working on for CSX about train safety. I received the lead role and began working with Wide Angle as an actress.

During the filming, I became captivated as I watched teenagers around my age being an active part of the film process and I knew I really wanted to do that. I asked Wide Angle’s executive producer who had worked with me on set for an internship. He explained to me that they usually hire students that have years of experience with camera equipment and filming, but that he was willing to give me a chance. In just 4 months at wide angle, I’ve conducted and filmed interviews on my own, conducted casting calls, written up press releases, and had the opportunity to sit on a panel where I got to talk about an award-winning film I created titled “Save my School” a piece focusing on a youth-led rally in efforts to prevent education budget cuts. I had the opportunity to be asked why my art matters.

Being an apprentice at Wide Angle has completely changed the path I thought I had planned out for life after high school. I never thought I could ever be capable of creating a film. Let alone a film that received thousands of views and helped to save my school. I did that, and I never thought that would have been possible for me if it weren’t for wide angle. want to pursue career in the film field whether it be in front of or behind the camera. Wide angle has allowed me to expand my horizons and think about things differently. Everything has a story and it’s all about how you tell it that makes it beautiful.


I look forward to hearing from you.

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